Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Kelsey does 55kg


SHANKLE COMPLEX (via Pendlay Forums):
He picks the weight up, does 3 pulls from above the knee, cleans it, then jerks it twice. The main reason we do an exercise like this is because it keeps the bar in the hands for an extended period, and this is a great builder of muscle and strength. In this case, Donny has the bar in his hands with no relief for over 20 seconds. 
As far as the details, we do the 3 pulls with a "rythm" and no pause to make sure that the athlete is not getting pulled off balance. We use a shrug at the top because it fatigues the upper back, making the jerks more difficult. 
Those that have trouble succeeding on jerks after a difficult clean, or those who have good jerk technique with moderate weights which breaks down with heavy weights seem to get the most from this exercise. And of course, those who are trying to put on muscle or move up a weight class. 
One last thing, we dont really have a name for it. Anyone care to suggest one?
Everyone's been calling it the Shankle Complex! Here's the man doing 200kg:



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