Sunday, February 26, 2012

CrossFit Games Open 2012 Athletes

Mr. Buursma (and Mario)

The CrossFit Games Open (CGO) began last week and we've seen some spectacular performances from everyone at both gyms, especially at our sister gym, Foundation CrossFit.

Personally, I like to see these workouts performed with "One and done" mentality. With all of the training you athletes do during the week, it's very easy to over-train. Especially with repeating the same workout within the span of a couple of days.

Think about it this way- after completing the WOD and not being completely satisfied with it, do we let you repeat and try to get a better time/score? In true competition, do you get "do-overs"? Hell-to-the-naw.

Life rarely gives you do-overs and although possible with the CGO workouts, the real question is "Should you?"

Trust in your training and prove your ability with your first attempt.

Margaret and Erik

I will say that for a select few, repeating a workout can be done again a day or two after the first attempt (IF YOU REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY BELIEVE YOU CAN DO BETTER! I don't know if I get my point across there...) Give your ass some time to rest and game plan your next attempt. Specific YouTube (Mobility WOD, Naka Athletics) channels are providing some good tips.We have decided that we reflect the following in our programming until the CGO is over:

  • Monday: Strength & Conditioning
  • Tuesday: Strength & Conditioning
  • Wednesday: Strength & Conditioning, CGO WOD released online
  • Thursday: CGO WOD
  • Friday: Strength & Conditioning
  • Saturday: Strength & Conditioning, CGO Makeup/Redo
  • Sunday: CGO Makeup/Redo (depending on trainer availability)
Something else to keep in mind is your work-to-rest ratio. You're In-Season right now. That means the entire past year of training has brought you to this point. Don't let stress get to you because it will affect your sleep, your mindset, your nutrition, everything. These all need to be in tip top shape when you compete, whether against yourself or the region as a whole. Get your systems online!

It has also come to our attention that all high-performing athletes need their performances judged by our staff. Especially for others not used to official judging duties, our goal is to be as fair as possible to all participating parties. Being strict with standards, protocols, and stern with commands keep everyone in line.


To all competing athletes: Make sure that you enter your data onto your profile ASAP! As soon as you finish, ask one of the trainers access to a computer because a.) we all have them and b.) it's silly to drop out of contention because you didn't enter your shit in.

We've got four more important workouts over the next four weeks. Let's prep by getting our games locked and dialed in. You know you're about to kill it!

All of our members, both officially and unofficially participating, have our upmost respect and support. You guys are an inspiration to not only your peers, but to us, your trainers as well. We see you pushing past previous limits and setting personal records everyday. It's awesome and gets us hyped and excited. You're doing us proud just by going for it.

Keep it up and be epic! #HYFRsquad



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