Thursday, April 26, 2012

Your New RSVP System

RSVP or Burpees!

Our new RSVP system for Foundation Athletics is now up and running for all our current athletes!

  • Click on the link above.
  • Choose the class(es) you plan to attend.
  • Log-in if you already have a ZenPlanner account.
  • If you don't have a ZenPlanner account yet, choose your membership level (we'll take care of your account billing info until further notice), which will then allow you to sign-up for a membership.
  • Your email and password will be generated and TADA! You are now RSVP'ed!
  • You will use this email and password every time you RSVP.
We are currently in transition between two systems. We have a separate system (MBO) for billing until we can switch it over. So you will have to create a new account/password for ZenPlanner. If you have any questions about the RSVP process, please email or see a trainer.

what the page looks like

*Note: If you are not yet a Foundation Athletics member, please email us at to schedule your FREE orientation session!

And as always, non-RSVPers result in... wait for it... BURPEES!

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