Friday, December 9, 2011

January Foundations

Our next Beginners program begins January 17th!

Classes will be held
  • Tuesdays 7am & 11am & 5:30pm for 60 minutes
  • Thursdays at 7am & 11am & 5:30pm for 60 minutes
  • Saturday at 12pm for 90 minutes
Our 12-class FOUNDATIONS program is held 3x/week for four weeks. Athletes will learn our basic methodology, exercise technique, standards of movement, as well as health outside of gym time.

Attendance in all classes is strongly recommended (i.e. required). Missed classes will need to be made up before graduating from the program and continuing on to regular classes. The fee for making up a missed class is $20/missed session.

We will begin scheduling orientations for our next 12-class FOUNDATIONS program. Interested? Email us by clicking here!

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