Friday, November 18, 2011

Foundations Make-up

Ben rocking some suspenders in his banded good mornings.

Hey FOUNDATIONS athletes- we won't run a Saturday makeup session. Instead this coming Monday the 21st during your normal class times at 7am and 5:30pm we will run an Open Makeup session.

This class will cover all of the skills we have done up to this point, while also allowing more time to play with these movements!

  • DROM (dynamic range of motion)
  • squat
  • pushup
  • pullup
  • ring row
  • jumping pullup
  • banded pullup
  • hollow
  • arch
  • kipping
  • deadlift
  • press
  • push press
  • kettlebell swing
  • burpee
  • wall ball
  • ab-mat situp
  • jump rope (double unders)
  • knees-to-elbows
  • toes-to-bar/toes-through-rings
  • walking lunge
  • sumo-deadlift high pull (SDHP)
  • thruster
  • a small intro to POSE Method running
  • cool down stretches

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