Friday, September 16, 2011

Starting to look like a gym

Some updates:
  • Found some spools on Craigslist. Thought they would be perfect for training mushroom. Little did we know, these were industrial electrical company ones... so tables they became!
  • Boxes of slam balls were delivered. Thanks FedEx.
  • Matted the majority of the front of the gym. Phase 1 is using the front primarily, pushing back as the athlete pool grows.
  • Orin brought his bawesome couch out of storage for our use. Super dope because of the reclining/drink holder feature. I smell movie nights!
  • Lucked out on cubbies! A daycare was remodeling and were throwing these out. We took everything they had, and it looks like we won't even use them all.
  • We decided to use the downstairs offices as a workshop and as material storage.
  • Now awaiting for the rest of our equipment orders!
slam balls

waiting to be taken


working in 'the shop': Pao, Rhino, and Max

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